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A Limited Edition of 10 Prints.
Printed space is approx. 40cm in diameter.
Hand torn circular paper is approx. 48cm in diameter.
Cranfield Traditional Relief Inks on 50% Cotton 250gsm Fabriano Única.

I had an incredibly difficult time printing these. Not a single print is as clean as I usually aim to achieve; however I do still think they're beautiful and deserve to be sold.
If that doesn't sound like something you're interested in, I will be printing future editions that I hope to have a smoother experience with; however this is the only edition that will be printed in this colourway, on this paper stock.
Future editions may be printed onto square paper of a much lower gsm.
The flaws are reflected in the price.

All relief prints are carved and printed in my home studio, pressed with an antique book press, finished off with a stamp, a signature, a title, and numbered.

These prints are not entirely perfect, as is the nature of printmaking. But that’s what makes each print beautifully handmade and unique.


All orders are dispatched within a week of purchase. All postage over £20 is tracked. Shipping outside of the UK will be significantly higher. All delivery times are accurate from the point of dispatch. Please bear in mind that I am one person running all aspects of my print and tattoo businesses when you place your order.