Check Mate Pt. I

£30.00 - £40.00
  • Check Mate Pt. I
  • Check Mate Pt. I
  • Check Mate Pt. I

A Limited Edition
20 Tier 1 Prints (Near Perfect)
22 Tier 2 Prints (Subtle Flaws)
Approx. 11 x 20cm Lino Prints
Cranfield Traditional Relief Inks on 60% Cotton 220gsm Fabriano Rosapina Paper

These prints were made over 4 Layers, through jigsaw and reduction processes, with 5 different colour blends; meaning 10 colours have been used altogether!
Being reduction prints, I can never print them again, so once they’re gone, they’re gone!

All relief prints are carved and printed in my teeny lil home studio, and pressed with an antique book press. Finished off with a signature, title, and numbered.

These prints are not entirely perfect, as is the nature of printmaking. But that’s what makes each print beautifully handmade and unique. Details on why they're split into 2 tiers can be seen in more detail on my Instagram highlight.

All 'Check Mate' prints will be dispatched within a week of purchase, in secure A5 Cardboard Backed Envelopes, unless purchased alongside another print.


All postage over £20 is tracked, and will take up to 28 days to arrive for some countries. This is to insure me for losses so I can provide you with a refund in the event your parcel goes missing, and to avoid any disappointment.
Shipping outside of the UK will be significantly higher.